Part III of the CCC is entitled “Life in Christ”. In two sections of this part, the Church organizes her teachings on Social and Economic Justice: Section I Chapter 2 “The Human Community” and the chapter on the 7th Commandment, “The Shall Not Steal.” Most of the citations for this week’s readings fall within these two sections. For those interested in the current culture wars, and what a Catholic culture is supposed to look like, these are two places to go. You will find that stewardship, prudence, and social justice are key concepts. Several Sundays ago we heard of the sins of Sodom from Ezekiel 16, 49-50.
OT 25 C Lectionary Catechesis

Vocations Reflection: Prayer and Witness

Consider a life of prayer for reconciliation and a life of witness on behalf of those who have no one to hear and help them. This is the life of a Precious Blood priest, sister, brother, volunteer, and companion. The Letter to Timothy urges us toward this life choice. In the Gospel of Luke we are challenged to be good stewards of our treasure and talent. What better way than to serve God and value the lifeblood of the whole human family.
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