as told to Fr. Dien Truong, C.PP.S., Director of Initial Formation, Vietnam Mission

Vincent Vu Thai Hoa

With all my ability, I desire to follow Christ in community life and service of the Church. In my formation, I have chosen to accompany poor workers, especially migrants. I’m very concerned about finding them places to live, and religious education for their children. Although I have had no experience or direct ministery with them yet, I will concentrate on learning skills helpful to them. I also ask you to pray, with God’s grace, that I will have enough courage to serve this ministry.

Paul Pham Xuan Anh Hao

I want to be part of community life in the Missionaries of the Precious Blood. I love community life and feel its meaning most profoundly.
I want to serve poor workers, especially the migrants, since they face many difficulties, both materially and spiritually.
I want to support those who have had faith crises, those who have received Christ but don’t know the Gospel, and those who are inactive in their faith.

Joseph Phung Van Ky

I was a caregiver for the homeless, especially street children, for over eight years before I came to the Community. During this time, I came to understand and to feel a part of the misery of the poor and the street children.
In these years, I have seen the poor struggle to get food and clothing. Hunger and cold are always the threat for them. There is even contempt; deprived of dignity and thrown out to the fringes of society, they are not recognized as human beings. Street children become slaves of the “evildoers,” taken advantage of, and used as a means of profit for unscrupulous ones. They have to live in poverty, in the street, working very hard all day in the trash heap and sleeping with an empty stomach almost every night.
My desire and my goal in the future is to work with and serve the poor. With what I have experienced with the poor, I have turned toward them and wish to serve them. Right now, I do not have a specific project in mind but I believe that I can help in the future after formation.