John Lee (left), with fellow volunteers Martin and Leah at our mid-year retreat

Today we say goodbye to John Lee. John served as a Precious Blood Volunteer since July and worked at Cristo Rey Kansas City High School and is heading off to new adventures in Florida to work as a mechanical engineer. John’s playful spirit and his commitment to building community with others will be missed.
During John’s term of service he became a positive presence among the staff and students at Cristo Rey Kansas City High School. Even though he was only at Cristo Rey for one semester John was an active and engaged member of the staff. He coached volleyball, taught a section of Algebra, helped out with the media classes, and mentored several of the students at Cristo Rey. John also became the staff social coordinator, organizing a number of staff outings and happy hours.
John has also started a podcast called “Starting With A Story.” “Starting With A Story” is a podcast that comes out on Monday mornings. John shares a wisdom story that covers topics from personal growth to life lessons to connecting with others. These stories are followed with John’s takeaways and specific parts of the story that resonate with him the most. The podcast finishes with a challenge to take on in order to improve and grow in your own lives based on the lessons from the story.

John showing off his many talents by assisting a filmmaker.

John’s experience of service as a Precious Blood Volunteer was part of his reasoning to start this podcast. John said that “since being [in Kansas City] and working with the students, I’ve wanted to share and connect with even more people.” He continues that he “brainstormed a bunch of ways I could pursue that goal and I came across the idea of podcasting and felt that it could create that bridge! And, so here I am, one microphone, one laptop, and limitless hope for the future.”
You can listen to “Starting With A Story” at the podcast’s website,, or wherever you find your podcasts.
We wish John the best in all his future endeavors! We hope that he will stay safe and stay himself!