from Lisa Athas, Chair, Companions Council

The Companion Council is happy to announce that Eileen Givens has been named the director of Companions, effective October 3. 

Eileen has been a Companion with the group in Orlando for nearly 10 years. She is a longtime member of St. Andrew Church in Orlando, where Missionaries of the Blood formerly ministered, and she got to know the Community there.

Currently, she is a supervisor for a large insurance agency, where a staff of 25 reports to her. She loves her work and co-workers, and “God has been there through this entire journey,” she said. “I’m grateful for this opportunity and humbled that I have been chosen. I pray that I can be what everybody wants me to be—and I know that God will lead me and direct me.”

The Companions Council, working with representatives from the provincial council, interviewed several qualified candidates for the position. We are grateful to all who stepped forward and asked to be considered.

Eileen, a native of New Jersey who moved to Florida over 30 years ago, has an adult son, John. Her daughter, Maggie, died of a chronic illness at the age of 18.  Eileen plans to remain in Orlando and work remotely for Companions when she is not traveling to visit groups and to C.PP.S. events.

On behalf of the Companion Council, we are very excited to start on this new journey with Eileen. She brings a wealth of Precious Blood spirituality with her, along with being a certified spiritual director. Eileen is also enrolled in a two-year program at the Living School for Action and Contemplation (

We look forward to working with her and getting to know Eileen as we continue to build the Companion Movement. Personally, I have had the privilege of knowing Eileen for many years and am honored to work with her on behalf of Companions.