Mary stayed outside near the tomb, weeping…they have taken my Lord away…Jesus said, “Mary”. She knew him then…   (John 20:11-17)
Mary stood outside the tomb – afraid, upset, and sad because she had expected so much from Jesus. Now He was gone. She had just witnessed His greatest love but did not know it led to the Resurrection.
What was she to do? We give our lives to God. Am I sometimes blind to God’s presence in my life, like Mary was?
He didn’t leave Mary standing by the tomb. He called her by name to go and announce His Resurrection. Like Mary He calls me. He gives me the help I need to love and forgive. He taught me love and mercy by calling me – giving me Himself in the Eucharist, the Mass, and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Do I recognize Him in my daily life?
-Sr. Rita Watkins, SSMO
This reflection comes from the Easter Reflections, prepared by the Precious Blood Family of communities:
Adorers of the Blood of Christ (US Region)
Missionaries of the Precious Blood (Atlantic, Cincinnati & Kansas City Provinces)
Sisters of the Most Precious Blood (O’Fallon, MO)
Sisters of the Precious Blood (Dayton, OH)
Sisters of Saint Mary of Oregon
Easter Reflections is available for printing here.