bySr. Donna Liette, CPPS, Dayton OH
Nothing will be impossible for/with God
Today’s Scripture brings us two amazing women – women unafraid to let God into their lives and do the impossible.
This Gospel is full of surprises and we might say with Mary, “How can this be?”   Surely God would not choose a young girl to be the Mother of Jesus!   Has she any experience in Motherhood?  No, surely not this young woman, not married, too young, too unprepared for raising a child and not any Child – the son of God!   Then the story goes on to say that Elizabeth in her old age will have a baby – impossible?   It would seem so.  However, the story goes on in our own lives, maybe not as dramatic, but how many times have we looked back on our lives and said, “Can that be…I was so young when I first ventured out and took that risk…; or I remember when I questioned God and said, “Not me, Lord, please!”  I am too young, too old, too weak, too sinful.   Or for those of us in our elder years, we wonder how can it be that we are still being asked to give life?   Mary and Elizabeth’s lives were changed forever by their willingness to take a risk and say, “YES, let it be done”!
Take time today to reflect on your amazing self – how your “Yeses” have transformed you forever.  Celebrate! Then take time with Mary and Elizabeth as you reflect on what seems impossible in your life at this time.