by Mr. Gerardo V. Laguartilla, CPPS Seminarian
I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly.
In the Gospel, Jesus plainly says that He is the Good Shepherd and the sheep gate. There are many doors or gate available to us to enter, to touch and to communicate to the sheep. Please choose Jesus, for only in Jesus, we will not be astray. Only in Jesus we will have life and it is an abundant life.  Whoever ever enter into the door of a relationship with Jesus, he or she will not be endangered and will not be left outside or locked out. He or she will find a real home to belong. He or she will be safe according to Jesus. If Jesus is the door, the sheep can also get out of that door and face life. What is that life according to Jesus? I am the way, the truth and the life and he also adds no one goes to the Father except through me. This is the abundant life that our Shepherd and door leads us to.
I had the chance to interview a former prisoner.  He said, “one lesson that I learned in jail was the door the path that I must take is that of Jesus.” With Jesus you may not get rich right away, you may not become successful all the time but you know you’re on the right path and he said this after discovering who Jesus is and following him. I discovered peace and life that Jesus the shepherd and the door has promised. Blessed Easter to all!  May the Precious Blood of Jesus give us life in abundance. Amen.