by Kathy Keary and Vicky Otto, Precious Blood Companions Co-Directors
The inventor Charles Kettering wrote, “Every time you tear a leaf off a calendar you present a new place for new ideas and progress.” As we begin this New Year, we believe no truer words could be spoken. But before we look to the future, we also believe it is important to honor the past. We are excited and humbled to assume the roles of Co-Directors of Companions. We are grateful for the many people who came before us; we stand on their shoulders of and benefit from the wisdom and expertise they offered. Their work and efforts on behalf of all Companions are a treasure of the Precious Blood Community. As we look to the future, we begin with a sense of gratitude to the Companion Council and the Provincial Councils of both Provinces for the trust they have given us and for bringing to life our vision statement, Gather, Send. This document reflects not only our roots and values but also our hopes and aspirations. While our ambitions reflect the spirit that motivates us, the statement speaks strongly of who we want to become.
We gather as a Precious Blood family sealed by our covenants to gain strength and nourishment from one another as we are sent out to participate in the ministry God is calling us to. Our gifts are as diverse as the people we serve and endeavor to include in our circle of love.
We value that all blood is precious, which sends us to the margins of a wounded world as ambassadors of Christ’s hope and reconciliation. We are not isolated. We are a global community enjoying the bond that unites us with one another and with the priests and brothers of the Community.
We are blessed to be Companions. Rooted in Precious Blood spirituality, our joy motivates us to invite others to experience the Good News we share. We reach out to all generations, races, and cultures to widen the diversity we celebrate. Gather, Send concludes with the bold statement, “We step out, stand up and speak clearly about the Precious Blood of Jesus.”
Our focus in the coming years will be about bringing our dreams to fruition. What tools do we need to help us mirror who we strive to be? How do we live out this message that reflects our desires? How do we draw others into our vision? We are honored to be walking with you as we explore the many questions that arise as we endeavor to live into Gather, Send. We will all be called to find that new place for new ideas and progress to grow Charles Kettering spoke about if we allow ourselves to be open to the cry of the blood we speak about in our vision statement. It was the cry which propelled Saint Gaspar forward and propels us forward into this New Year as well.