In October of 2016, the Companion Council met to discuss and finalize the last steps of the action plan which had been developed over the preceding months in regards to filling the vacant Co-Director position. After prayer and discernment and in consultation with the provincial leadership teams of both provinces, the final phase of the action plan was set into motion and will be fully implemented in the upcoming New Year.
On January 6, 2017, all Companions across the country will receive a letter notifying them that the vacant position of Co-Director is now going to be filled and of the process being utilized to apply for this open ministry position. Also enclosed will be the job description of the co-director position, a copy of the Gather, Send vision statement as well as other information that might aid in one’s discernment process. It is the Companion Council’s hope that the application and interview process will be completed prior to the first of March, so the Companion Council may make their recommendation to the provincial leadership teams of both provinces.  The provincial leadership teams in both provinces will then have the opportunity to interview the candidate and make their final hiring decision.
Please continue to pray for the Companion Council and all Companions as we begin this time of prayer and discernment.  The Council continues to trust the Spirit to lead this process forward as we discern the appropriate and best leadership for the Companion movement both now and into the future.