Fr. Henry Bright, C.PP.S, a member of the General Curia in Rome from our India Mission, keeps our worldwide congregation informed on social justice issues such as the ecological crisis. His website,!food/c1kba gives us an international perspective on the ecological crisis. A recent article and video there, “Symphony of the Soil,” promotes healthy food from healthy soils for healthy people and healthy communities in a sustainable way. The film is about 1hr. & 45 min. long. I encourage you all to view the website called “Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation.” This will be good preparation for attending our workshop on ecology by Jim Ennis on April 11 in Centerville, IA.
Climate change and the injustice of hunger require urgent attention and investment in a truly sustainable model of agriculture. We need to be about soil conservation and land conservation to combat desertification. Reclaiming degraded land is of utmost importance in achieving both increased food production and help poor farmers stay on their land.
Daryl Charron, C.PP.S.