As 2014 moves toward its conclusion, we continue our efforts in Campaign Nonviolence. Some of you have taken the pledge and shared with me your struggles in trying to live nonviolence in your life. Keep working so together we can transform our lives and change our world through the power of active nonviolence. This may mean something different for each of us as we emphasize particular causes that interest us individually. Whether it is stopping the environmental crisis or capital punishment or banning drones and abolishing war, we all need to keep striving towards practicing nonviolence with each other. We can accomplish this through integrating education, action, and networking for nonviolent change. I commend those of you who have joined JustFaith or Pax Christi groups this year. We need all the education and preparation possible to foster a just and peaceful world in the midst of a violent culture.

You may not be someone who can take public nonviolent action, but you can pray for and support those who can. The state of Missouri plans to execute Leon Taylor on November 19th. Please pray for him and his family as well as the victim’s family members. I encourage you to contact the governor or get involved in the vigils. Also please keep in prayer those involved in trying to shut down the School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Georgia on Nov. 21-23. They will be having a massive rally and vigil of thousands of people gathered to commemorate the victims and survivors of SOA violence.

Daryl Charron, C.PP.S.