Becoming New Wine

Core Value Number Two: Made one in the Bond of Charity, our living together in community and communion is our “First Apostolate.”

Priority is given to the intentional living together of the Missionaries, since this apostolate is a powerful witness to those we serve. Precious Blood spirituality, expressed through healthy community life (Hebrews 10:19-25) and practiced through vigorous mission, attracts others to join our way of life. As an intentional and multicultural Congregation, the exchange of Missionaries across units or provinces strengthens the life and witness of the Congregation.

Come, Holy Spirit, Come!

Embrace and enflame us

in your heart of fire.

Soften our hardness—transform us.

Give us the courage to accept

into our open hearts

the grace of your vision for us.

Bring life to our dryness—drench us.

May our lives be chalices of compassion

that satisfies those that thirst for justice.

Send us to proclaim a time of blessing

and welcome to those that are far off.

You who are over and within us,

who heals and sustains us,

anoint us to discover together

the passionate commitments and leaders

that will create the Congregation of the future.

Come, Holy Spirit, Come!

Make us new wine for the Church and the world!

+ Amen.