Becoming New Wine

Core Value Number Three: The Spirituality of the Blood of Christ impels our mission to the margins of our Church and world.

Responding to the “Cry of the Blood,” we are called to move “outside the gates” (Hebrews 13:12-13). Through a life of hospitality (Romans 15:7, Luke 14”12-14), we accompany our sisters and brothers seeking healing and reconciliation in a wounded Church and world. Rooted in our charism, this accompaniment transforms our lives, as well as the lives of those whom we serve. As a Society of Apostolic Life, our Precious Blood spirituality and community life urge us to be missionaries who reach out to “those who are far off” (Ephesians 2:13) who live on the margins of Church and society, especially youth, families and the poor. It is through our presence in the margins, that we will renew our current apostolates and seek new apostolates that revitalize our Congregation.

Prayer to St. Gaspar for a New Creation

 St. Gaspar,
We give thanks to God
for the divine inspiration that ignited your heart to start a new adventure in renewal and reconciliation
for the Church and for the world.
We seek your intercession now
to stir into flame the same fire of desire in our minds, our hearts, our souls
to become a New Creation in the United States.

 St. Gaspar,
you believed in the power of the blood of Christ to flood the world with forgiving love.
Help us to be ministers of mercy, ambassadors of reconciliation, missionaries of God’s redeeming grace that seeks to draw all peoples near
to that place where all are one.

St. Gaspar,
through the bond of charity,
you gifted us with a compassionate presence to recognize the dignity and dreams
of each and every human being. Open our eyes and our hearts  to respect and reverence
all persons as brothers and sisters in the blood of Christ.

 St. Gaspar,
give us good courage to stand in solidarity
with all who are on the margins,
all who are displaced or deemed replaceable, all who are left out or put aside,
all who long for connection and communion. Trusting in your spirit stirring in our souls, may your dream of “a thousand tongues”
to proclaim the Precious Blood of Jesus come true in all who boldly follow the Way; the Truth, and the Life.