by Br. Daryl Charron, C.PP.S., Vietnam Mission Director
Ai Tam of Vietnam has been busy with another aspect of their educational ministry to the poor and underprivileged youth of Vietnam. They have been diligent in giving out nearly 125 scholarships to university students throughout several communities throughout Vietnam. I had the privilege last week in being a board member of Ai Tam to witness the formal presentation of these scholarships to 23 of these fortunate students.

I was invited to give a short speech encouraging them in their futures. I commended them on their courage to pursue higher education in a country that does not have an abundance of opportunities to those completing degrees in their given fields. I have heard many stories since living in Vietnam of students having to settle for jobs outside of their given specialties. It is sad to see. In spite of these societal setbacks, these young people present at Ai Tam last week to receive financial assistance, were inspired especially by the uplifting words of advice from Sr. Hang Pham, ASC. Once again, I commend Ai Tam on their meaningful work with these university students.