Dear Fr. Joseph Uecker:
Ai Tam Educational Organization (ATEO) has received the check of the amount of $10,000.00 from your CPPS Human Development Fund to finance the program of education for underserved students who live in remote provinces in Viet Nam.
On behalf of families’ students, communities, and ATEO, I send to you a special thank you for your grant award! CPPS Human Development Fund is a generous gift to education programs of ATEO and it has a significant meaning for our services to Vietnamese clients. Because of you, Ai Tam can continue to serve the underserved students and families in the remote provinces of Viet Nam. Therefore, we are able to provide them an opportunity to access with value and dignity equal education opportunities as others have. Thank you for your investing in our education program for the poorest of the poor students that we serve. Following is the briefly description how Ai Tam using your HD fund to serve students who have deprived from schooling assistant opportunities.
In the grant of 2018, Ai Tam requested $10,000.00 USD to provide necessary school supplies to 400 underserved students from middle through high school for school year 2018-2019. These students who have been living in Soc Trang (Me Kong), Bac Binh, Tan Chau, Song Phan, and Nghi Duc communities in Viet Nam. Ai Tam program intentionally provided education opportunities to underserved students and families to assure them the only way to eradicate poverty and systemic changes at all level would be through education. Our immediate relief was to financial share with students’ parents to stabilize their children studying. Our hope was to build sustainable communities, strengthen families, and to empower persons by fostering self-confidence, and promoting individual dignity.
May God continue prosperously bless you and CPPS mission with hundredfold of talents as you generously share with God’s people.
Sr. Hang Pham, ASC
Board Member