When I recall the Companions’ Retreat of September and October, 2014, I have to smile! Such grace and God-around-every-corner graciousness, such faith and delightful fun! Thanks to each of you who made the spiritual journey with us!
After the retreat I thought of so many things that were stirred in me by your wonderful searching and questioning. In light of that I would like to leave this little “snack” for your next quiet prayer time:

  • Be alone and recall the retreat – what happened inside of you? What “spoke” to you? What insight did you carry away after the retreat?
  • Are you allowing that insight, that living knowledge, to affect you on all levels? For example: If indeed it is true that you are “Precious” (an experience we knew at the retreat), how is that affecting your everyday living? Your way of thinking? Your capacity to choose now out of this new freedom?
  • A practical example: If you recognized God’s total love for you, is there any real need to be afraid? Or is fear just a useless habit you are clinging to from the past?
  • If you know God is “on your side” and cannot not be, are you bringing everything to God each day, even your selfishness
    and brokenness?
  • How will your present be different now in this new moment of awareness? What individual or group are you invited to welcome into your everyday living?

I join you in this quiet prayer, asking that Love may complete what has been begun in us!
Always your sister,
Mary Kevin, Adorer