by Pamela Demasi, Companion
I am just home from our assembly in Kearney, so this is a good time to write about our spirituality.   I love going to assembly. It is my favorite time of the year. Nothing can compare to being in a room filled with people who love and serve God and each other.   I always come home renewed and refreshed.  The same can be said for the Companion retreats and any days of reflection or other days about social justice that we have been offered. I try to go to all the things offered by Precious Blood. I am reminded of how people live out their spirituality by just being around others. The priests, brother, and companions give me a jolt of inspiration from their lives.   I was especially inspired when I heard Bishop Charron in Warrensburg talk about humility and honesty.   He said the truth will set us free and humility is truth.
I think our spirituality is not who we are but what we do and most importantly how we do it. There are other people in same ministries that we are. Feeding the poor, prison ministry, advocating for the marginalized and being a parish pastor are done well by others who are not Precious Blood, but it is how we do these things that makes us Precious Blood. Just as Jesus humbly shed his blood and sacrificed his life for us, Precious Blood priests, brothers and Companions live their lives in humble service to God and others.   Our spirituality is about relationships rather than results or requirements. In shedding His Blood, Jesus offers us the possibility of restored relationships with God and with one another.   Whatever the ministry is that we are doing we are inclusive and hospitable to all just as Jesus was. We go to the edges and step out, stand up and speak clearly about the Precious Blood of Jesus.   We proclaim all Blood is Precious.