from Gabino Zavala, Director of Justice and Peace Ministry
As a Precious Blood Community we took a corporate stance calling for compassionate and comprehensive immigration reform. In light of this commitment we are providing an opportunity for our members to join the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Campaign — Justice for Immigrants — calling for the United States to lead by example in support of immigrants.
from the Justice for Immigrants website:

USCCB Justice for Immigrants logoThis September, both the United Nations and President Obama will host meetings about refugees with world leaders. Global goals include:

  • increasing humanitarian aid by 30 percent
  • doubling the number of refugee resettlement opportunities
  • guaranteeing the right to work for one million more refugees, and
  • ensuring access to education for one million more refugee children

Will you join in the Justice for Immigrants’ call for the U.S to lead by example? As members of the Precious Blood community, please take action and send this electronic postcard to the White House and Members of the U.S. Congress.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]