by Al Ebach, C.PP.S., Precious Blood Scholarship Committee Chairperson

Members, companions and province staff again have the opportunity to nominate students for the Kansas City Province Scholarship. The scholarship application packet is available below.

Ten $1000 scholarships will be awarded to students attending, or planning to attend, a Catholic high school or college. Students must be recommended by members, companions, or province staff. Student nominees should be those who may not have the means to attend a Catholic institution unless financial assistance is available. The young people should be involved in their local church, community or school. Students may be awarded a scholarship twice, not necessarily in consecutive years.

Thank you to those who have recommended students to receive scholarships and thanks to the province for continuing to fund this cause. Recipients will be notified of their scholarship award in late spring/early summer. The students’ schools will receive the scholarship money in October 2021.

2021 Scholarship Nomination

2021 Scholarship Application

2021 Scholarship Pastor Recommendation

2021 Non-family Recommendation