September 12, 2017
Dear Fr. Uecker,
First and foremost, we thank you for this generous grant that will allow InterServ to continue to offer the types of programming that helps us to meet our mission of helping all to live their lives more fully and more capably. Secondly, in response to your request for a letter informing you as to how we plan to use this money for the good of God’s people we present the following.
1. $2,500 This amount will be dedicated to supporting those eligible to apply for work permits under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Our goals are to increase participation levels and to offer these individuals opportunities to remain connected with their community while also working to support themselves and secure a future.
2. $1,000 The second consideration for this grant would allow emergency assistance to those immigrants who do not qualify for public or other types of assistance, in the form of emergency housing or utility assistance, situational child care needs, translation services, household items, moving needs, or immigration fee assistance.
3. $1,500 Will be applied toward cultural proficiency training that brings bring together members of our community to promote a dialogue of inclusion, unity, and equality to build a framework for a culturally proficient community.  This particular piece has been a goal of the Interfaith Alliance for Immigration (IAI) and Father Ron Will.
Again, thank you, so much for this generous gift. We will use it to better the lives of immigrants and non-immigrants in our community.
Most sincerely,
David G. Howery
LCSW Executive Director