August 1, 2017
Dear brothers in community,
I am writing to thank you for the requested funds of $10,000 from the Human Development Fund. The grant money will help offset the amount of money that we yearly give to parishioners, neighbors and the poor who need emergency help with lodging, goodwill, utilities, emergency travel and rent assistance. As with many urban areas in the United States many of our parishioners find themselves in situations where their rent is unjustly increased or their houses and property is taxed beyond their capabilities to pay. This past year we began a ministry to aid us in teaching and challenging our parishioners to serve their neighbor, to learn about the systems that cause poverty and mass migration so that we may confront as a people of God those in power who maintain these unjust systems and to develop alternative avenues for living together in equitable ways.
We are very grateful here at St. Agnes for the Missionaries willingness to continue to serve and invest both human and monetary resources for the people of South Los Angeles.
In Christ’s blood,
Fr. David S. Matz, C.PP.S.