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Why Become a Precious Blood Volunteer?

Precious Blood Volunteers will help you grow in your faith while serving others. As part of your growth we provide the following benefits:

  • The opportunity to walk with and serve people who are suffering because of household income, race, gender, sickness, disability, immigration status, or sexual orientation.
  • The opportunity to live in community with others. Community is where you will be challenged and supported, while challenging and supporting others.
  • The opportunity for reflection for morning prayer with your community, retreats, monthly reflections, and spirituality/justice nights. Precious Blood Center is available to you at no cost for personal retreats.
  • The opportunity for professional growth in the fields of education, health care, social services, and law.

In addition you will receive:

  • A $200 a month stipend
  • Housing that includes room and board
  • Transportation to Orientation, your placement site and back to your home
  • Reimbursements for commuting, or a bus pass.
  • Health insurance if it is needed
  • Student loan deferral assistance

About Student Loan Deferrals

You will need to contact your lender for the appropriate forms. Volunteers usually are able to claim a hardship deferment. The Precious Blood Volunteers office will provide a letter to your lender with information your financial situation, your term of service and the type of work you are doing.


Want to ask more questions? Contact Tim Deveney at volunteers@preciousbloodkc.org.

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