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St. Gaspar del Bufalo

St. Gaspar del Bufalo founded the Missionaries of the Precious Blood in Giano, Italy, on August 15, 1815. In the 10th century abbey of San Felice, our founder initiated a society of apostolic life for the purpose of preaching missions and retreats,  renewing the Church and proclaiming the salvation that comes through the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ.

Our Three Pillars

As missionaries, we are ministers of God’s prophetic Word through our lifestyle and our preaching.
11391750_736833916436896_1837354679167756555_n copyIn the bond of charity, we are called to live a simple lifestyle in a community that reflects hospitality, reconciliation and common prayer.
pbmr 1Hearing the “cry of the blood” in the world today, members seek to identify with the reconciliation won for us through the precious blood of the cross.
Fr. Matt Link celebrating Mass.

My vocation is a great gift. I had a career that I loved, but God called me to something else. As I explored the possibilities, I found the Missionaries of the Precious Blood. The formation wasn’t about fitting everyone into one mold. Our spirituality comes from knowing that the divine blood is within each one of us.
– Fr. Matt Link, C.PP.S.

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