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Stages of Formation

Bishop Joe Charron and Missionaries of the Precious Blood bless Mark Yates during his ordination


The inquirer remains in his present living situation while maintaining contact with the Missionaries of the Precious Blood. A Precious Blood member journeys with the inquirer through this period which lasts no longer than two years. During this time the inquirer makes no formal commitment to the Community.

Initial Formation

At this stage an individual is invited to enter as a candidate of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood. This part of the formation process will normally happen at the Formation House in Chicago. This stage invites people to growth in human and religious development, to be involved in apostolic settings, and to become acquainted with the history and spirituality of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood.

Advanced Formation

In Advanced Formation there is a defined period prior to incorporation into the Missionaries of the Precious Blood. During this time there is an immersion into the theology and spirituality of the Precious Blood, and into the missionary charism and life of St. Gaspar. Experience of Community life is continued with empases on tour common life and on the spirituality of the “bond of charity.” This period lasts about one year, after which the candidate enters the school of theology at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago., which prepares him for incorporation into the Community and for professional and vocational training necessary for his apostolate in the Community. During this time a member also discers his entrance into the mission of the Community as a priest or brother.

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