Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation

Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation (PBMR) works towards reconciliation and healing with those in the Chicago community and our Church who have been impacted by violence and conflict. PBMR’s ministries reach out to the victim, the wrongdoer, and the community to create a safe space where healing can begin and where people can find the support and encouragement needed to begin reconciliation. They strive to be a resource to the community to find restorative ways to heal and rebuild after violence and conflict.

PBMR serves people in the Back of the Yards neighborhood on Chicago’s south side. It is a collaborative ministry of the Cincinnati and Kansas City Provinces of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood.

As a Precious Blood Volunteer serving at PBMR you will have the opportunity to walk with and serve others in a variety of ways. They include mentoring, tutoring, advocacy, and being part of restorative justice efforts. This placement is for you if you are looking for a career in the ministry, social work, law, advocacy or education.

You can learn more about PBMR by going to their website.

You can also read reflections by former volunteers:

You can apply to serve as a Precious Blood Volunteer at PBMR by going to our “Apply” page.

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