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Precious Blood Ministries

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Missionaries of the Precious Blood are not defined by the ministry they serve in, but rather the spirituality that inspires their ministry. Our mission flows from our charism, which is found in the reconciliation and renewal rooted in the blood of the cross. The blood of Christ seeks to draw all peoples near (reconciliation) in order to become a new creation (renewal). Inspired by St. Gaspar, we facilitate this reconciliation of the world and the renewal of the church through the preaching of the Word.

Missionaries of the Precious Blood serve where there is a need: in parishes, schools, health care institutions, retreat houses, in urban and rural areas. Missionaries of the Precious Blood are called to walk with those they serve in their times of joy and sorrow. They are especially called to minister to those people who live on the margins of society. Precious Blood spirituality calls Missionaries to encourage reconciliation in the communities they serve.

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