Human Development Fund 2015 Grant Update

Chibumagwa  ……………………… 18th February 2016

Praise to Our Lord Jesus Christ, Who saves us in His Precious Blood.
With the heart of full of gratitude, I am sending this letter to inform you on how we have used USD 8,000.00, the money you have sent to our Chibumagwa Kindergarten last year, 2015. Also I send attachments of photos and videos showing: the staffs with Children, food we bought, wood charcoal used for cooking, Children eating food, Children playing after class session and after eating.

Here is the breakdown showing how the money spent at our kindergarten school:
-We bought food which will be enough for the whole  year 2015/2016: Rice, Beans Maize, Cooking oil, Sugar, tea leaves and Wood charcoal for cooking power 6,627.5 $
-Uniform for the 35 beginners 612.5 $
-Scholarly articles for Children 162.5 $
-Outdoor items for playing 225.0 $
-Subsidizing for paying part of three staffs salary for three months 372.5 $
Total 8,000.0 $

The grant is very helpful for subsidizing costs for this early childhood learning at our Chibumagwa Parish since the last year was severe food shortage, which affects parents’ ability to pay for required learning costs. Children were in vulnerable situation where cause poor attendance to the school. Now the situation is quite different because of availability of the basic needs for their learning. The children are happy and now attendance is good.
On behalf of the Kindergartens Children, parents, Parish finance committee and our Precious Blood Community in Chibumagwa, we express a lot of thanks to the Kansas City Province and the entire benefactor who respond to this Crying of The Blood. May the Blood of Christ Bless all and finally inherit the Everlasting life in Heaven. AMEN.
Sincerely in Christ,

Fr. Paul Kitaly
Parish Priest

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