Feed My Lambs: an update from the Vietnam Mission

“Feed My Lambs,” (John21,15) the Word of our Lord Jesus has still echoed to the hearts of those who will to follow his way. On the day of last Advent, our students organized a short trip to visit the camp of leprosy (Binh Minh Leprosy Camp), where they are almost isolated from the society. In this trip, our students invited some volunteers to prepare and cook, about three hundred portions of noodle soup (called “Pho” in Vietnamese), and serve for luncheon. Beside of this, there are some toys, cookies, and candies for their children.

Though this is a small effort, our students have faced the suffering of the contemporary marginalized in Vietnam society. It needs not to say how compassionate our students are, but at least they have a taste how suffering that others have.

  • candidates helping at leper colony
  • priest helping at leper colony
  • Candidate cleans food
  • Inquirer and Candidate assemble food bags.
  • Candidate plays Santa Claus for children
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