Eyes Opened and Hearts Willing

by Kathy Keary, Co-director of the Companion Movement

God communicates with us in so many ways, but so often we are oblivious to it as we fill ourselves with various activities. This summer I have been particularly touched by the vivid green of the trees as I drive here and there. It was not long ago that I was drawn to the bare limbs that graced the night winter sky. The contrast speaks boldly of the dying and rising that is so much a part of our lives as people of the Precious Blood.

A few years ago, I was profoundly touched by an experience of God’s creation that I would like to share with you. My journal reads as follows:

It was a gorgeous morning, not a cloud in the sky. The day begged to be captured, to be enjoyed to its fullest. The radiance of the sun was intense as it illuminated the vastness of the  ocean. As I strolled along the beach, I welcomed the waves that splashed cool water on my feet thankful for nature’s refreshment. Seagulls beautified the scenery as they gracefully swooped to explore treasures on the beach. Vibrant umbrellas added splashes of color to the landscape as families set up for a day of play. My reflective silence was enhanced by the laughter of children in the background. The backdrop of the day screamed of the magnificence of its source and drew me into a spiritual reawakening of the majesty of our Creator…

Most definitely my Heavenly Father was playing his love song to me this refreshing morning. The melody was light and airy attracting me into a vastness filled with endless possibilities. The lyrics brought to mind the dance I have been enjoying with my Maker. The movements have shaped me, sometimes gently and other times not so gently, but the wealth of experience has filled me with so much of God. My “yes” has made room for a crescendo that surprises me with the forever mounting nature of the Spirit’s movement within…

As we bask in the radiance of summer, may we accept God’s invitation to be enthralled by the beauty and wonder of the work of his hands? May we allow him to speak to our hearts through his marvelous creation? May we be open to his special message crafted to each one of us in the elegance of nature. May this splendor meet eyes opened and hearts willing to be transformed by the divine Spirit ever present in our midst.

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