2019 Precious Blood Assembly Recap

It was a packed four days in Kansas City. Close to 200 people participated in the various prayer services, discussions, and celebrations during the 2019 Kansas City Province Assembly.

During our opening prayer service, we remembered those in our community who have passed from this world. Of special remembrance were three former provincial directors who died during this past year: Fr. Tom Albers, Fr. Jim Schrader, and Fr. Jim Sloan. We welcomed six new Companions and celebrated the renewals of 15 current Companions during the Tuesday night liturgy. On Wednesday evening, we celebrated with eight members who marked their jubilarian anniversaries.

Tuesday morning, the community voted to move forward with the proposal for the New Creation of a single province with the Cincinnati Province. The Cincinnati Province will hold a similar vote at their assembly later this May.

The main business of this year’s assembly was the election of a Provincial Council. Fr. Garry Richmeier was elected the new provincial director. Fr. David Matz was elected the vice-provincial director/first counselor. Br. Daryl Charron, Fr. Timothy Armbruster, and Fr. Keith Branson were elected the second, third, and fourth counselors, respectively.

Fr. Ron Will was elected to be the delegate to the General Assembly. The General Assembly will be held in Poland in September. Provincial Director-elect Fr. Garry Richmeier will also attend the General Assembly. They will be joined by delegates from all the Precious Blood communities around the world.

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Images from Prayer Services and Masses

Images from discussions, elections, and presentations.

St. Agnes Parish Collaborates With One LA for “Right to Counsel” Proposal

from Fr. David Matz, C.PP.S.
I have been working with One LA and with the Mayor’s office for 2 years on the “right to counsel” proposal for renters. This proposal’s history started at St. Agnes Parish in Los Angeles, where I serve as the pastor. We have done two workshops in the past two years helping our parishioners who are tenants know their rights when it comes to renting and possible illegal eviction. We now in Los Angeles sit on the cusp of a budget proposal to fund this program for the coming year. The following article from One LA’s newsletter explains the latest news conference.

One LA Urges Mayor to Fund a Renters’ “Right to Counsel” 

At a news conference Thursday outside City Hall, One LA and a coalition of tenant advocates pressed for the city to move forward with a “right to counsel” ordinance and called on Mayor Eric Garcetti to allocate $10 million to assist tenants in his upcoming budget.

“We have a humanitarian crisis in our city in regards to homelessness and housing,” said Fr. David Matz of St. Agnes Catholic Church. “In the last ten years we have lost one thousand families from our parish due to these issues. Many of our elderly are forced out of their apartments and left homeless.”

Every year, close to 30,000 people in Los Angeles face evictions. The money from the city would go not only to legal aid, but also to education and prevention, outreach and emergency payments to help keep struggling renters in their homes. The price tag of $10 million would fund the first year of a multi-year timeline to phase it in.

“One LA has worked alongside Mayor Garcetti on the passing of proposition HHH and the linkage fee,” continued Fr. Matz. “Now the LA Right to Counsel Coalition is presenting this strategy to address one of the biggest root problems of homelessness– evictions. We know that Mayor Garcetti is working diligently so we ask him for his support for the “Right to Counsel” and to fully fund it.”

Story in the LA Times

New Mission House Visit

by Fr. Dien Truong, C.PP.S.

Passing through a seven-hour round trip from Xavier House of Formation to the Mission House in Tan Thanh, Bu Dop, Br. Daryl, and I had a short visit with our members and candidates who reside and minister to local parishes there. This mission house is about two miles from the border of Vietnam and Cambodia. It is under the monsoon and tropical weather: dry and hot in the day and cold in the night for months.

There are three old houses occupying in 1/4 of a square acre, which were sold and donated by the previous parishioners who lived there. The strongest impression I saw was a new water well and a huge container tower, built just a week ago, which overlooks tropical fruit and vegetable gardens that are used for the whole community there. In addition, Hoa, and Diep continue to fill regular orders for eggs from their chickens for parishioners and local residents. When we had a luncheon there together, most of the food we ate was organic and healthy, with the exception of a few cans of beer.

Since I had commitments with some parishes in Saigon, we needed to return to the city after praying the rosary together in the chapel in the afternoon. Though it was a short visit to our mission house in Tan Thanh, it left in my heart a joyous feeling, as well as providing me with stories to share in my annual mission appeals this summer.