Bishops and Other Religious Leaders Risk Arrest to Stop Deportation

The following is a Justice and Peace Action Alert, “Call to Stop Deportations,” from Eli McCarthy PhD, CMSM Office of Justice and Peace Director.

Presidents' Day ProtestOn President’s Day, February 17, 2014, Methodist Bishops along with other religious leaders such as Patrick Carolan from Franciscan Action Network and Scott Wright working with the Columbans and serving on the CMSM Justice and Peace Committee offered divine obedience and civil disobedience to expose the injustice of deportations as President Obama reaches the two million deportation mark.

Between 1894 and 1997 we deported two million people which Obama has now done in only five years.

Photos by Jay Mallin

Photos by Jay Mallin

Read this article in The Huffington Post by Bishop Minerva Carcano, “Principled Leadership on President’s Day,” or watch a two-minute video about the event.

“On President’s Day we are meant to celebrate presidential leadership in a country with an historic commitment to justice. Yet on this President’s Day, millions of families have been left to carry the burden of the injustice of a broken immigration system, not just due to a dysfunctional Congress but also due to the lack of principled presidential leadership.”

ACTION: We urge you to contact President Obama and call for an end to deportations — CLICK HERE to do so.

With Hope,
Eli McCarthy PhD

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