Companion Retreat at Saint Charles

Companions and members gathering at Saint Charles the weekend of October 26 / 27, 2019 for their retreat led this year by Fr. Tim McFarland, C.PP.S. Fr. Tim led the group in a thought provoking and at times energetic conversation about how to discern their role in the New Creation. At Mass on Sunday four Companions made their first covenants with the community: Chris and Ruth Bodyke from the Marywood Companions, Josie Santos from the Columbus Companions and Greg Kulas from the Whiting Companions. In addition, 25 Companions renewed their covenants with the community. Thanks to the community of Saint Charles for their warm and welcoming hospitality.


Saint Gaspar Celebration in Missouri

Members and Companions gathered at Saint Francis Xavier Church in Saint Joseph to celebrate the feast of Saint Gaspar on Sunday, October 27. During a prayer service Jeanne Keck, Dee Baker, TR Lee and Ed Franz from the Liberty Companions made their first covenants with the Precious Blood community yesterday at our St. Gaspar feast day celebration. Congratulations also to St. Joseph Companion Cayetana Maristela who renewed her covenant. The Saint Joseph Companions as well as Fr. Joe, Fr. Bill and Fr. Lac offered wonderful hospitality for this special day.


Companions Gather for Retreat at Precious Blood Renewal Center

On September 28 / 29, 2019, Companions gathered at the Precious Blood Renewal Center for their annual retreat. Over 50 Companions from the greater Kanas City area gathered as we reflected on the question, “What part of you is part of the New Creation?”  Kansas City Provincial Director Fr. Garry Richmeier led our retreat as we explored our reactions to change and the blessings and challenges that change offers each of us. At the conclusion of the Retreat at our closing liturgy we celebrated with Judy Kotecki-Martin, who renewed her covenant with the Community.

For those who weren’t able to attend, you can view the first session of the retreat on You Tube. Here’s the link: Just copy the address and paste it in your internet browser.

Anniversary Celebration at Warrensburg

The Precious Blood community in the surrounding areas gathered at Sacred Heart Church in Warrensburg to celebration the anniversary of the founding of the community. We began our time with prayer which included readings from scripture and Saint Gaspar as well as a reflection by Companion Ruth Mather. We concluded our time of prayer with the celebration of  Companion covenant renewal. Congratulations to Shirley Schlobohm who renewed her covenant. We continued our celebration in the parish hall with a wonderful buffet provided by the Central Missouri Companions. Many thanks to the Companions and Fr. Joe Bathke for their wonderful hospitality.

Convener / Sponsor Training – Saint Charles

Over the weekend, a special training was held for the Companions who were discerned  the community to serve as Conveners and Sponsors for the next three years. The training with prayer that spoke of the power of fire and the power of the light of Christ. Throughout the next day those gathered discussed specific details of their new responsibilities as well as the best practices that were utilized by the different Companion groups across the country. We are so grateful to all those who gathered for saying “Yes” and helping support Companions throughout the country.